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  • Open Source Development
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Application Services

Code Assets

LogicalDNA has developed deep expertise in specific service areas and significantly invested in the talent and resources to deliver exceptional services. LogicalDNA has also focused on what we know best and created models that can be replicated for our clients. We call these models as “Code Assets” and we are increasing out assets every day. These code assets help us to fasten up development process and substantially increase quality in deliverable .

Our applications expertise provides solutions in four broad areas

  • Application Development.

    Our custom application development expertise will create mission-specific applications to address your critical business needs. Whether your challenge is to create a web-based application, improve existing automated processes, more effectively manage business and financial functions, migrate legacy applications or design a system that provides you with a competitive advantage – We are expert in Business Process Management solutions

  • Application Integration.

    Current businesses houses around world tend to use variety of application stack from that many vendors. Many a times these applications cannot “talk” within each other or with your own system. That’s where our expertise comes in picture. Our global staff has experience identifying the most appropriate data exchange and integration tool, which allows you to integrate your internal data with other systems’ data by reconfiguring the information into a common language. Now your business data is in the format required by your supplier or customer, enabling transactions to occur seamlessly

  • Application Reengineering.

    Reengineering implies changes of various types and depth to a system, from a slight renovation to a total overhaul.

  • Mobile Applications.

    The mobile industry is undergoing explosive growth at this time. Partnering with Prime Technology’s mobile experts allows your firm to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available when you expand your business to the “third screen.”

    LogicalDNA Methods.
  • Determine Architecture
  • Mass Code Generation.
  • Mass Code Conversion.
  • Security.
  • Application tuning.
  • Database performance improvements
    LogicalDNA Advantages.
  • Code Assets - User and Role Management System for .Net applications
  • Code Assets - Access Control System for .Net Applications
  • Code Assets -Forum and Blogs development and integration.